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Based in Market Drayton, 3 Shires Logs is headed up by experienced landscaper John Tyler. As a trusted provider of gardening and landscaping services via his company DJT Landscaping John was receiving a lot of enquiries regarding high quality logs in a variety of volumes. After thinking about Customer requests the result was the opening of a new logging business 3 Shires Logs. This helped to meet the needs of Customers with the aim to supply seasoned logs to rural businesses, industrial sites and households across Shropshire.

John and his team have already established a fantastic reputation within the industry for guaranteeing outstanding work with the personal touch that only a local business can offer. Offering free delivery within 15 miles of the company base in Market Drayton, as well as via courier to the rest of the UK there is no area that 3 Shires Logs can't provide a service too.

John said "We pride ourselves on supplying only the very best product, sourced from local timber merchants and as a by-product of our landscaping projects. The result is an environmentally friendly solution that is proving popular in Shropshire and far further afield."

Why Seasoned Logs?

Seasoned logs are much more efficient than unseasoned or green logs. Once cut, the log is stored for a long period of time, allowing it to dry naturally. Whilst none-seasoned logs have a moisture content of between 30% and 50%, seasoned logs contain only 20% moisture. The result is a source of fuel that burns hotter and more consistently, making the process easier and very efficient.

Seasoned logs are perfect for using on wood burners, open fires, chimineas, braziers and multi-fuel stoves, making them an excellent choice for everything from heating the home and cooking meals indoors, to burning outside on cold nights or during events.

We use the latest equipment to ensure that every single one of our logs is treated, preserved and presented in the correct way, making them 100% safe  and reliable for our customers.

We supply the finest dry seasoned logs, perfect for open fires, multi-fuel stoves and wood burners.

We also offer free local delivery within 15 miles of Market Drayton.

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High quality Kindling

We supply both hardwood and softwood kindling, allowing you to choose according to preference. Softwood kindling builds up the temperature of fires and stoves very quickly, which can also reduce the amount of smoke due to a fast draw. Meanwhile, hardwood burns more slowly but lasts longer, making it great for when you want a fire to last for a prolonged period.

As with our seasoned logs, all of our kindling offers top quality and consistency, all at a very fair price.

Choose your Quantity

We can supply seasoned logs in small sacks weighing 15-25 kilograms, which is often ideal for households with a wood burner or fire, or simply for when you want to create a bonfire or fire pit.

Alternatively, if you require large quantities, we can deliver dumpy bags each containing ¾ of a ton of our finest logs. This is a popular option with rural premises and numerous industries, as well as pubs and hotels that enjoy treating their guests to a roaring fire.

Simply let us know how much you need and we’ll offer fast delivery, a fair price and premium customer service as standard.

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If you need high quality logs, give 3 Shires Logs a call on 01630 647801 or call John on 07967 838930.

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